About Us

Like millions of Americans we woke up one day laid-off and in a pandemic;  Feeling lost and uncertain about the future, we found ourselves still going through our daily motions of rising up, sipping our morning coffee, but instead of heading to work, we had this unique situation that allowed us to do what WE love for the day; So we thought why not do this everyday?

RISE. SIP. SURF. became our new daily motions; and it was on the premise of doing what we love that Pump Coffee was born.

Our mission is to bring back the mom & pop coffee shop and provide a place where the community can come together and discover what it is they love to do, over a cup of what we love.

"do what you love, love what you do"

At Pump Coffee, you can feel good about "drinking coffee responsibly." We rigorously vetted coffee roasters all over the West Coast to ensure quality and truth in every cup.

We love you for:
Supporting Local, 
Supporting Direct Trade,  and
Doing what YOU love!